For day 3 of the “5 Fashion Frenzy Trends Lookbook,” Tall Tales of Style is in love with the Bohemian trend. This trend is effortless and it doesn’t take much to show your expression of a free-spirit. Not only is this trend comfy but it will have you wanting to hug trees, walk barefoot, and have bonfire parties (well, at least it makes me wanna). I put together a few looks that I found to be the essence of being a bohemian beauty.


I love this set I created! I definitely ordered a few pieces, I suggest that you do too. The first set I wanted it to be sexy chic with a bohemian twist. The sequined shorts, crochet top, and hat are from The heels are Jimmy Choo’s snakeskin ankle bootie, and the bag is Jimmy Choo as well. This is a winner for a night out on the town.

With the second set, I wanted it to be comfy and effortless. I thought of a nice brunch in LA or a family get together. I wanted to stick to the bohemian roots with this one, it looks very 60’s and 70’s boho. I would have killed the boho fashion scene (sigh). The deets of this set are all from I got the hair inspiration from the 60’s and 70’s- long, untamed, and blonde. Oh, and let’s not forget about the headband (love it!).

When I created the last set I wanted something that was comfortable yet sexy. I feel this look can go either way, with just a simple change in the shoe can make it either sexy or comfy-cute. I went with comfy-cute. The gladiator sandals are a big hit this season, whether a flat sandal or a heel, it’s such a cute statement shoe. Let’s face it, not all gladiator inspired shoe look alike. I chose a flat gladiator sandal from, the two piece detailed shorts and tassel trimmed jacket can be found there as well. The bag is such a beauty, it’s simple and fringe gives it just the touch the ensemble need- because since when did too much fringe become a problem? Never… The bag is from I just love this¬†hair inspiration because this ombre look is fire. And the waves plus headpiece makes the complete look everything.

How do you feel about the bohemian trend? what are you’re favorite must have bohemian pieces this season?

bohemianhairstyle bohemian2


link to websites:– Jimmy Choo Snakeskin Bootie– Jimmy Choo Dora Gold Clutch



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