I have always admired how different the female body is and how not two bodies are alike. Yes, we might share some of the same features but the beauty in having your own individuality is what makes us all unique. Even though I’m a tall girl, I’m not supper skinny- I have a few curves that compliments my height (and besides the scale doesn’t lie LOL). The best way to dress for your body shape is to accept it. Love your shape, embrace your shape, and show it off. Your confidence will exuberate when you know what works best for your body.

In honor of my curvaceous chicas, I have found lots of trendy clothing that’ll play up your shape. Since summer is approaching I’m all for women with curves to dress comfortable, cute and light to beat the heat. Lets start with swim suits, two pieces are no longer for the skinny. A cute high-waist bottom with a full covered top (for my busty girls) will not only keep you comfortable but classy- you won’t be afraid that one of the girls might pop out. Check out these swim suits, you’re sure to love them.

curvy4  curvy5  curvy6


The biggest myth I hear from short petite women is that, “I can’t wear this, I’m too short.” Major myth! News flash for my short curvy girls, YOU CAN SHOW LEGS! You just have to choose wisely. I would stay away from long skirts that show leg action such as maxi skirts with slits, but you can wear short shorts and skirts. I wouldn’t recommend culottes because they’ll make you look you stumpy. Try these summer must haves to elongate your legs.

curvy1  curvy2  curvy3


If you want to go for more of a formal look try maxi dresses that draws in the attention to your waist or a midi skirt that stops right below the knee with your favorite heel, top it off with a cute bralette or silk flowy top for a sexy look. If you need to tone it down pair it with a blazer for job appropriate attire.

Ladies, I recommend these sites for trendy clothing for the curvy and sexy- Forever 21,,, and my favorite Ahhh, thank me later,  Happy Shopping!

Send me your requests if you’re having a shopping crisis!

And special thanks to Cindy, this was a fun one. xoxo




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