I like funky things. By funky I mean things that stand out like crazy patterns, fur, colors, basically anything that’ll make a person do a double take. I’ve been eyeballing these Jeffrey Campbell fur heels for quite some time. The shoe is unique but for the $140 price tag I couldn’t find the sense or cents to buy these babies. So me being my creative self, I thought that there had to be a way to make my own unique shoe and that’s exactly what I did.

Jeffrey Campbell

My sister purchased the plain white heels on sale for $15 at Missguided.com. I then turned them into something fabulous and received compliments on my fierce heels, why not make a video and show other fabulous women how to look your best on a budget. You cant go wrong with a good ole DIY tut. Check out my video below! This video is also on YouTube, expect more videos on my channel with talking about Family, Fashion, and remaining Fearless. I hope you enjoy it loves, xoxoxo!





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