Day 2 of the 5 Fashion Frenzy Trends Lookbook will have you saying “Hellooooo Denim”. The thought of denim is usually super casual but the fun thing with denim is that it can be dressed up besides the usual dress down look. I put together a few denim looks that both male and female can enjoy. My favorite look is pairing denim with a neutral pump. Victoria’s Secret has a few awesome pumps for sale. So whether it’s pretty pastels or impeccable prints I’m sure you’ll fall in love with their collection.

Here are my favorite denim looks…


Whether you wear you’re denim with white, a pop of color, or a cool neutral you’ll see that you can make this trend your own. The best thing about the denim trend is that there is almost no wrong way to wear it, it’s versatility at its best.

So here are the deets on these great looks. Both of the female pants can be found on The denim button-up flag shirt can be found at Forever21. The sexy denim bustier is from H&M, the neutral pump is Victoria’s Secret and Bergdorf Goodman is where you can find those sexy white heels. I’m in love with white especially that purse which can be found at

I created fun looks for the guys as well. If you hurry you can get the whole denim look on some of my favorite websites. Everything is from except the Diesel metallic oxfords.

Take a look at Harper’s Baazar’s article slide show of “Jean Queens,” get inspired and jump right on this trend. Whether it’s the typical blue jean or the sexy white and black jean, you’ll find the versatility and style in this trend.

What is your favorite way to rock the denim trend? I want to know your Tall Tales of Style. xoxo

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