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Long time no see, it wasn’t by choice but that’s what happens when you’re caught in a whirlwind of sh*t to do, but lets catch up. These past couple of months have been hectic. Not only have I been trying to balance family life , school and checking things off my 2016 “Thing To Do” list, but I’ve been dealing with death in my family that caused more drama than a lil bit. As always I throw on my cape and I come flying in to save to day, not paying attention to the “calm the hell down” signs my body was giving me. Sometimes I get caught up with making sure everyone else is alright and I forget that I need to be in good health not only for myself but for my kids. Soooo with that being said I’m hopping back on my spiritual and fitness journey. I’m also getting back to my business, Tall Tales of Style. TTOS has felt all type of neglect from me, Im sawwry (sad face). But I’m back, even if it means I check in once a week with a written or video post (which I think I might start doing more because I hate writing). Now back to the good stuff you’ve been waiting on. With all thats been going on, I did do something that I’ve always wanted to do and that was attend New York Fashion Week.

I don’t do New Years Resolutions, but I did do a Things 2 Do list. This list was things thats must be done, it might not be now, it might now be within this year but it HAS to be done. My first priority was getting my diaper bag line together. Carry-N-Style diaper bags was my first major accomplishment and I made sure it was done all because I envisioned it and wrote it down. The second thing on my list was to attend NYFW. I was so determined to go and my hubby made sure of it. I was invited to the Emerging Designers fashion show where the up and coming designers got the chance to showcase their pieces on the runway. The fashion show took place at the Affinia Hotel in Manhattan and featured designers Cassie O’Toole, Siera Rocco, the8thcontinent, Stefane Myles, Kit Woo, Char, Grier Co, Kelly Hawkins, ¬†and Andre Emery. All the designers were quite spectacular that it was quite hard to pick a favorite. When the hubby and I walked in we were standing room only, (which was fine) until they needed seats filled in the front row and we ran our happy asses to the front (LOL). All in all it was a great show with with great music and phenomenal designers. Check out the clips below!



Yassss! These designers came with it and I was so glad to be apart of it. Until next time, NYFW! xoxo.



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