H&M Studio Gives Us A Lesson On Bohemian Street Chic This A/W 2014

Tomorrow is the day H&M will launch its Studio collection online and in select stores. Whats the studio collection? Some of the garments in the Studio collection is a bit pricey than the average H&M line with prices varying at as low as $12.95-$399.00. This new collection is fun, bohemian chic, and street with 14 different clothing styles and accessories to choose from. This line is very playful- the different fabrics, cuts, and attention to detail will have many in awe for a/w 2014 season. The Studio collection has already grabbed the attention of singer and actress, Solange Knowles, when she graced the red carpet at the MTV 2014 Music Awards show. She looked lovely in an oversized sparkling tuxedo-inspired set that sparkled just enough to not outshine her boldness.

Solange Knowles in H&M Studio

Solo definitely owned this look the night of the awards show. I found the jacket on H&M’s website for $79.95, I also saw a few other pieces that is a must for a/w 2014. The H&M Studio collection launch is September 4th, 2014 in select stores worldwide and online. Are you ready? Check out the collection right here.

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