uglydiaperbagAm I the only one who doesn’t like traditional diaper bags? I mean some can be quite cheesy and the thought of carrying it with my chic ensemble makes me cringe. Well I’ve come up with a solution. Even though designer diaper bags are somewhat cute but also expensive and let’s just face it, if you’re like me you like to alternate bags- at least I do every 3-4 months. So splurging on a diaper bag is not my cup of tea.

I’ve been on the hunt for a cutesy diaper bag, well a bag that I can turn into a diaper bag. I’ve ran across a few cute ones for the winter that’ll last me to spring since Honey Bee will be a winter baby, with an expectant delivery date on February 14, 2015. So my solution to turning your favorite bag into a diaper bag is a diaper bag divider that I found on eBay. I’m not sure if it’s available in stores, but eBay is definitely my friend right about now.

The dividers fit into the bag of your choice (of course it has to be big enough) and it has about eight different compartments for diapers, bottles, wipes, extra clothes or a small baby blanket. It’s peeeerfect if you ask me! Being a fashionable mom you don’t want to be caught in just any ole thing, these diaper bag dividers are convenient and keeps you in style.

diaper bag dividers

The dividers range from different prices starting at 40 cent to $4, I guess you have to bid on them (I’ve never used eBay before). The dividers come in pink, white, and blue from what I’ve seen so far. I plan on putting these dividers to good use with my two favorite bags I found so far for the winter.

shearling bag fringe bag


How do you keep stylish and use conveniency to your advantage?

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