I’ve noticed that Spring 2015 will be a season filled with comfort colors. What in the heck are comfort colors you ask? Well comfort colors are palettes that are soft much like your soft pinks, blues, and neutrals. These colors are soft and can be paired against each other and not clash. For example, a soft pink pant and top set paired with a neutral trench coat. Or a neutral knee-length skirt, cream turtle neck bodysuit topped off with a cute soft pink short coat. There is no right or wrong way to dress soft colors or what I like to call them, comfort colors.

Here’s a few examples of mixing comfort colors



One way to top off your comfort colors is with a duster coat or short coat. These new Spring sensations are light weight enough for the perfect spring time weather and but gives you a kimono or trench coat look. The original duster coats were long length coats but made of a light material like linen. These coats were used by horseman to keep the dust off when riding. Today’s fashionable duster coat are similar in length and made with a light material but funky patterns is what make these coats suitable for the runway and not a horse. I found a few and I can’t wait to throw my duster coat on while having a family day, it’s definitely a cute mommy style.

Short coats are pretty self explanatory. Instead of your traditional long coat, these coats are short. They stop at the thigh, are structured, and aren’t made to be fastened. Short coats are very chic and put me in the mind frame Jackie-O, and we can all appreciate some sophisticated Jackie-O fashion. Perfect for Spring on those crisp, cool air nights.

Check out the cute duster coats and short coats I found, deets are below!

spring sensations

*The two pink short coats, check it out here.

*The two duster coats, check it out here.

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