A couple of weeks ago my Auntie June (Yes, June Ambrose is my aunt in my head) posted a picture of a black and white graphics bag by the designer Marc by Marc Jacobs. Lines are back! and they are making a bolder statement this year. This statement bag is a must have but for those who find the designer bag to be too steep, I found a similar one at Target. Yep, that’s right Target for only $14.99.

marc by marc jacobs



The Merona Print Hinge Wallet at Target is not as big. I find the size to be quite perfect because it’s a statement piece without being too loud. I wore my wallet on Valentines Day (check out the post) and it didn’t look like a regular wallet. It was just the right size! Here’s the picture of the Merona brand black and white wallet.

IMG_0074 wallet close up

I must say this was definitely a great find! if you would like to find high end look a likes for a more affordable price, email me at www.talltalesofstyle.com and I’ll find what you’re looking for.  And this is my Tall Tale of Style, hope you found it helpful.







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