A few days ago Queen Bey posted a picture via Instagram of her wearing Versace from head to toe. Baddie Bey wore a Versace Tiger printed shirt over a Versace leopard print crop top and shorts. Talk about “Versace, Versace” (in my Drake’s voice) she added just the right accessory, a Gold Versace necklace, to complete the look. A month ago I went out with my sister and decided I didn’t have anything to wear… Which was a complete lie! I forgot I had this Versace inspired blazer by Sweet Rain that ran me about $60. I completed the look with an all black ensemble and my BCBG thigh high boots. I added a tad bit of color with a pink lippie! (Up The Amp by MAC, peep Beyonce’s pink lip lol) Just to think I thought I looked a mess that night! This just goes to show that you should create trends, not copy them. ┬áThis was my Tall Tale of Style that night. What do you think?

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