Now that NYFW is over and we all have had time gather our thoughts after being in awe from a favorite designers. We’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly but we can all appreciate the hard-work and dedication put into something of this caliber.

I’ve done my stalking, screen shooting, and research of my favorite designers from this past week NYFW shows. and I can say that I’m really excited for the trend this year. Judging by the designers, no two show were alike. We can definitely see that this year will be a wide range of diversity in fashion and lots of risks. Anyone who knows me knows that I love taking risks.

To kick off my edition of NYFW I’m going to tell you why I picked my favorite designer(s) from each day and put a spin on their inspiration and make it my own right from my very own closet. I found this to be so much fun because I didn’t buy a thing ( as hard as I wanted too). I drew inspiration from my closet, things that are buried deep and some items still had tags on them. My reason for not shopping for this NYFW edition is because fashion isn’t about going out buying everything you see that’s “in.” Fashion is making a statement and style is how well you wear it, it’s like wearing confidence.

My favorite designer from Day 1 is Marissa Webb. Not only did she make a whole showcase from pastel pinks (my ultimate fav) and red’s but she added leather which put a twist to the “girly girl” look. I’m the ultimate girl, I love all things pink and sparkly so you can only imagine how I giddy I was to see all the soft pastel pieces she put together. Here’s a quick look of Marissa Webb’s collection.


For my twist on her collection I added floral to my outfit which really made the outfit girly.

marissa web inspir.

I kept the pink theme but added floral to the outfit to make it really pop. I love to see trouser pants on tall women so I decided to try it. Showing a little midriff isn’t as risque as long as it’s a small portion, and the trouser pant is really forgiving when hiding a little tummy action (happy weight lol). I kept my shoes simple, I got these from Forever 21 a year ago and never worn them. Tell me what you think of spin to the Marissa Webb collection from NYFW, I’d love to know what think.











3 thoughts on “Tall Tales of Style: NYFW Edition

  1. I love the way you mix and match from what is already available in your wardrobe. Basic jackets and pants are great items to mix with fashionable sweaters. I really liked the red and tan combination. It looked professional but comfortable and suitable for any 9-5 occasion. Great choice Ashley.

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