I don’t know about you but I’ve been waiting all year for this day. Where all fashion eaters alike come together in the name of fashion & style to view the latest trends from our favorite designers. Since I’ll be at home, on the coach, stalking Instagram watching those who are in attendance just to catch a glance of a 15 second video of the statuesque models cat-walking the runway in garments that’ll leave us in awe.

I decided to do something different in honor of NYFW. I didn’t want to talk about the fashion designers and their creations but I want to do something fun, something that I haven’t seen another blogger do. Because lets face it, we can see what the designer wanted to convey through their work of art, that doesn’t need to be explained. But I want to do some homework. I want to research the line-up of designers for the day, find my favorite, and take their inspiration from the runway and make it my own while adding a little twist to it.

This won’t come easy because I know there will be a few that’ll leave me gasping for more. I’ll limit myself to two favorite designers, briefly talk about what I got from their inspiration and show you my look from their runway canvas. See you tomorrow with a few of my favorite looks! For those of you who are at NYFW mention me on Instagram (@talltalesofstyle) I would love to see what your favorite show is.

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