“I’ve always hated the fact that I stood out. I never understood why I couldn’t be in the in crowd. I guess being apart of the crowd wasn’t apart of the plan- those who stand out no longer fits in and those who fit in are like everyone else.” -Ashley Norment

I like to think of myself as a leader in whatever I do. Sometimes theres a struggle to stand out because there is a struggle of standing alone. I find myself in a whirlwind of other people’s thoughts or ideas and overlook the fact that I am my own greatness. I lean towards styling as my way to express my individuality. its my way of saying screw the world, I do what I want. I get a high knowing that I’m different, that I’m me, ¬†and I’m not someone’s replica. I’ve learned to be comfortable in my own skin.

I came up with Tall Tales of Style in a dream. Since I was a pre-teen I stood out, literally. I was always the tallest in school and in my family, I’ve adopted the nickname “Slim” from uncle who I tower over. I mean, I’m knocking on the door steps of 6 feet (you get the picture). But I figured if I can empower not only tall women but women of all shapes and sizes all awhile taking them on a journey with me through fashion, style, health & beauty, I can create an empire of tall goddesses figuratively and literally in their own right. Confidence is key and we all need a little boost.

With that being said let me take you on journey, I have great stories. Let’s take a look at my tall tales of style from a bird’s-eye view.


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