Yesterday I gave a glimpse of some of my favorite styles on my Instagram. Not only are these my favorite trends but I recreated and added my twist to my favorite designer from Day 4 of Fashion Week. Parkchoonmoo delivered on Day 4. I found his collection to be my favorite because he used my favorite pattern, Houndstooth. Houndstooth is one of those patterns that it can go extremely right or horribly wrong if not worn just right. I always find this pattern to be a hit or miss kind of thing, I can love it one minute then hate it the next. Parkchoonmoo gives you a reason to appreciate the funkadelic pattern as he strategically placed it in the right places throughout his collection. Let’s take a look!

parkchoonmoo1  parkchoonmoo2

A little bold print never did anyone wrong, and Parkchoonmoo did houndstooth just right. He knew exactly where he wanted it, where it would standout and wouldn’t overpower the garments. I have a couple of pieces in my closet thats houndstooth, I’ve recently decided to wear my houndstooth culottes. They were definitely a hit as I paired it with a bright bold orange coat from Zara. See how I incorporated Parkchoonmoo’s collection into my own style.

IMG_0605  IMG_0616

I had fun with this outfit. I didn’t want to stay with a black and white theme so I decided to add a little color which actually made it stand out. As for the top, I didn’t want a plain white shirt or plain black shirt so I opted for a floral black and white cropped top. I wasn’t so sure that it would work but I went with my gut feeling anyway and I loved it! Remember in a recent post when I said,” lines are back”? well, I couldn’t pass up these booties. They can be worn with just about anything and look fab! This is my Tall Tale of Style, what’s yours?

Want the deets? Culottes, cropped top and shoes-, Coat-Zara








Photo cred: Instagram: @dolldeville and @zestfashionblog



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