There’s nothing more simple yet stylish than a great cape… I meant a poncho…oh shoot, or is it a cloak? A lot of us find our selves still using the word “poncho” but I prefer cape, it has a Superwoman ring to it (LOL) but it’s important to be knowledgeable in what you’re wearing. Yesterday my husband and I had date night since my Nana decided to keep the little one, not only were we toddler free but the weather was decent- yes, 45 degrees is decent considering the amount of snow Michigan has had. I brought out my cape, gladiator booties, and my favorite GAP jeans to tackle the evening.

I bought my cape from one of my favorite websites, about a month ago. A few weeks later I found my fashion & style icon, Miroslava Duma, ¬†wearing a similar one (I just knew where were stylin’ sisters). Mira has such an effortless style, she always looks comfortable and chic.



Ugh, can we just have a session of tea & talk time about all things fashion? That’ll definitely be on my bucket list.

There have been questions about capes, ponchos, and cloaks. They’re all in the same family but small things make them quite different. Cloaks and capes originated back in Europe’s Renaissance period, a cloak is a long full body garment draped over the shoulders. A cape is a garment that is hip length and ties in the front, some have hoods, and they are circular. In todays fashion world, capes are more modern. They are full and half body length, some are buttoned, some are tied, and now the trench coat cape is popular on the runway. Ponchos originated in South and Central America where a piece of rectangular wool fabric was placed over the shoulders. One can easily spot a poncho because they tend to have fringe at the end of the garment. Duma wore a cape and I’m wearing a poncho (in my head a cape) I prefer using cape because it’s fun and besides, what’s Superwoman without her cape? The Avant- Gardist gives a detail explanation of the differences between the three styles, check out the article here.

Here are some pictures of cloaks


Here are a few ponchos and capes, see if you can tell the difference?


The next time you find yourself in a stump, remember that it’s a personal preference as long as you’re knowledgeable about the styles. There really aren’t any rules in the game of fashion & style! I want to hear your Tall Tales of Style, let your style tell a story.

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