We all know pastels are in for the spring/summer. And with so many lipsticks available it’s hard to find the perfect color you want. Either it’s too dark or too light but I have a solution for all your pastel lipstick problems. Yes, I too have trouble finding the perfect shade and majority of the time I don’t want to spend $15 on a name brand.  Ladies, enjoy my lil lip tip and you’ll be forever grateful… LOL

So I start off putting concealer on my lips




Then I apply my favorite lipstick, in this case I used Revlon Colorburst #215 Shameless

1) revlon

the end result was this… purple lip


Look at the pretty pastel purple I created, 2 looks in 1.

Here are a couple of my other favorite lipsticks that I play with to create beautiful pastels for the Spring/Summer.

2) persimmon (Purty Persimmon- Wet & Wild)

pink lipI went from this red hot/orange color to a pastel pink.


3) black1 black2


Fergie- Wet & Wild #A042 Pagan Angel

blacklip With this lipstick I went from black to a pastel forest green/ grey, I think it’s cute in a weird way LOL. This is a must have for a night out on the town if you’re going for a dramatic look.

These steps are just cost effective ways to wear your lipstick in more than 1 shade. Try some of your favorite lipsticks and see what cool colors you come up with. Always remember to DIY N’Style!


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