There is something about the elegance of an embroidered garment. It screams vintage, couture and let’s just admit that it’s beautiful. Whether it’s beading or sequins we all can appreciate the time and effort put behind such an extensive work of art. Oh, and I’m not talking about you’re grandma’s embroidery (although some of it is in good taste) I’m talking about Valentino’s Fall/Winter 2014 collection which had me excited to add more embroidery into my closet. You can check out the Fall/Winter 2014 collection here straight from the runway, it’s everything elegant and couture.

A couple of months ago I bought a jacket from Forever 21 that is very much a statement piece. This jacket was just perfect for me because not only was it an awesome print but it had embroidery that was so detailed I couldn’t pass it up.

myembroidjacket closeupofjacket frontofjacket detailofjacket

The third and fourth pictures are close ups of the detailed stitching and embroidery. How beautiful is that? One of my favorite style icons is Miroslava Duma, the former Editor of Harper’s Bazaar Russia. This fresh faced 25- year- old knows how to serve us fashion & style for breakfast, lunch and dinner and she never disappoints. I love that Duma is couture and loves pulling off different looks. When I saw her Instagram posts wearing a few embroidered pieces, I was in awe because basic garments can be turned into something magical with the right embroidery. Check out her pieces below.

miraorangepullover       mirawhiteembr.

Oh, Mira( short for Miroslava) so simple yet elegant (sigh). Duma uploaded a couple of pictures and a video from the Valentino fashion show, I can definitely see her snagging a few right off the runway. I’ll be style watching her this year for sure, you can check out her Instagram too @MiraDuma to see why she always has me over the edge for more.


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