Ladies we all love a little detail when it comes to shoes. I love fringe on just about everything even on my raggedy jeans, and let’s not get started with shoes! (sigh). Lately I’ve been noticing tassels, you know like on a graduation hat? Only this one is just as good (maybe even better, or not…)

I’ve been eye balling BCBG’S Elista High-Heel sandal for some time and have not found it yet, it was so popular on BCBG‘s website that it sold out freakin’ fast. Soooo, I ‘ve been hunting and hunting and the shoe god’s spoke to one of my favorite boutiques and now my babies are on the way to my door step. Yesss, has done it again and luckily I was able to grab my size (the only one is stock) and I can’t wait to grace the pavement.

Lolashoetique’s veersion is only $49.99 and BCBG’s version is a hot $375, there is minimal difference between the two. Lolashoetique’s version comes in black as well ( a major plus). Hurry and snag you a pair before it’s gone!

bcbgfront bcbgbackBCBG Elista High-Hell sandal $375



lolafront  lolaback Lolashoetique- Cold Hearted $49.99


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