This past weekend I attended an event catered to women of all ages, races, and backgrounds to discuss one thing we all have in common, Success. The Powerful Women’s Luncheon, held by Creatively Flawless Branding Agency, was such an encouraging event where women got together to network, eat and enjoy each others company despite how TV negatively portrays us.  There were bloggers, entrepreneurs, politicians, and many others that have mastered a craft. This event was such a breath of fresh air because as women we gathered together to uplift one another and the start of many friendships were formed.

I got inspired to continue on my path to success as a blogger and stylist. This has always been my passion and I’ve recently got the courage to start working on my brand, Tall Tales of Style. After my mother passed in October 2013, I made a promise that I would continue to do what is necessary to make my dream a reality. It’s true, I have my bad days. Days where I wish she was here to encourage me, days where a simple hug and kiss takes the pain away, or days when her laughter made my dark days shine again. But in actuality every minute spent on my blog, I’m able to feel some type of connection with her. A nice pat on the back letting me know she’s proud of me, and that’s what I felt as this event. There was a connection in the atmosphere where power was an equal force with enlightenment which showed upon our minds and faces. Knowledge was spread and this luncheon proved that as women we have to stand up, recognize and utilize how much power we really have not only as individuals but together as a force. I’m anxiously waiting for the next event, I’m encouraging everyone to support the Powerful Women’s Campaign! Instagram the hashtags #PWL, #NoWomanLeftBehind, #CreativelyFlawless.

Finding something to wear to this event was important, I definitely wanted to make a statement. A statement of power while still being current and setting a trend. By now you should know that I love mixing patterns and textures (I made sure you understood that in my past posts, LOL). So I went with something simple, yet classy.

PWLoutfir        pwlinspiration


The second picture is a close up of the textured detailing in my skirt and cropped top, as well as the details in my lace crochet cardigan. I decided to add a funky shoe to complete my look and a bright lip. I couldn’t pass up these cheetah print booties from Steve Madden, an inspiration I got from Harper’s Bazaar Instagram page. The combination from both my skirt and cardigan are a different, but it worked and I loved it!

skirt, cropped top, cardigan-Nordstrom; Shoes- Steve Madden





3 thoughts on “Tall Tales of Style Talk & Inspiration

  1. Hi Ashley, I really enjoyed this message. The Powerful Women’s Luncheon sound like an awesome event to attend to be around like minded women. It is so important to have woman and young girls understand how we need to support and encourage one another. I’m sorry to hear you lost your mother, a mother’s love can never be replaced. I admire and want to support you following your dream and passion to become a blogger. I think it’s a beautiful thing to step out and Just Do It. Your outfit was super cute. I don’t like animal prints personally. But You put everything together very well. It was Simple but Classy.

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