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I find it easier to wake up in the morning, say a prayer, then start my blog post while it’s still fresh in my head. Im awake to a new day and there are endless opportunities, “If you’re not trying to move forward then stagnation is a premature death.” Pastor Solomon Kinloch

This past monday my husband received some good last minute news and he needed to look the part for tuesday’s big day. I immediately thought, “You have nothing to wear” as if it was me. But guys are different, it’s easy to raid their closet and find all type old things that can be recycled to fit today’s trends. After looking at him, I started to get a feeling of how I what him to dress. I like how his skin tone reflects off of deep reds, so I tore his closet up to see what I can find.

I found his crew neck Burberry sweater which he has had for quite sometime now, he’s always keeping unnecessary things but I was glad he kept this piece. A year ago I bought him these awesome red pants from Target. The pant is a very soft cotton and I was surprised to see it fit him so well in terms of length (he’s 6’3 so finding pants long enough is a struggle). For our 2nd year anniversary my husband bought a tan blazer from Zara, he keeps everything so I was excited I could put this together to complete the look I was going for. Here’s how it came out…

IMG_0525 IMG_0545

IMG_0530 IMG_0555

The way that neutral colors flow with brights are amazing. The gold hues from the watch and Burberry belt stood out but wasn’t overpowering this ensemble (Sometimes minimal accessories is key). I had fun with this look and so did he (obviously LOL). Men can have fun playing with their blazers, so throw out the button up shirts underneath blazers! A thin sweater, crew-neck or v-neck shirt is just fine. The look is very chic as opposed to the button up shirts. A lot of times you can find timeless treasures just by recycling your old clothes to the current trends. This was his Tall Tales of Style, what’s yours?

Blazer- Zara, Burberry sweater-Nordstrom, Pant-Target, Belt-Nordstrom, Shoes-Aldo,

2 thoughts on “Tall Tales of Style Talk: Recycling Fashion

  1. You did a Great job putting this look together. And he wore it well. First Impressions are very important and I’m sure with this look and your stylish assistance he gave that. Clean, Confident and Chic. Very Nice!

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