This past Sunday I was honored to be amongst some of Detroit’s most talented designers at the Ultimate Style Expo in Southfield, MI. This event showcased some of Detroit’s up and coming designers, pop-up shops, a cash bar, raffles, and a blogger street style competition. I had a blast visiting different tables, shopping at the pop-up shops and hearing some of the awesome stories behind the mega mind designers and business owners.

Some of the featured pop-up shops were Scotta Intimates, Crossed Out, Luv808, Trish’s Garage, Thrift On The Avenue, FEFE LERUE Clothing, Pure Exclusive Beauty, Adore Me More, Inc., Tringbox, Traci lynn, Brilliant Mind Clothing, and a host of other beauty and spa vendors. I got the chance to speak to some of the entrepreneurs and got the inside scoop on exactly what they have to offer and what makes them stand out from the rest.


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I spoke briefly with Kim Jordan of Crossed Out, a t-shirt line that reaches out the community with catchy phrases accompanied with a bible scripture. “I feel this is a good way to reach out to our youth because they aren’t listening to anyone. These shirts are something they can relate too and it’s an easy way for them to start reading the bible,” Jordan said. Phrases such as “These Girls Ain’t Loyal” and “Who Do You love” are more than just common saying we hear everyday on the radio and from the youth, but each shirt has an underlying message in which everyone young to old can appreciate. Check out more of Crossed Out by visiting the website,



Trish’s Garage is another pop-up shop I had the pleasure of speaking with. Trish’s Garage is a resale shop that enjoys spreading Detroit love by showcasing cool Detroit tees and accessories all made from the Big D. The theme of her store puts you in a mind frame of a garage shop, but instead you’re a fashion mechanic. Stop by her shop for a “style tuneup” with her one of a kind pieces you’re sure to love. You can find Trish’s Garage at 1249 Woodward Avenue,  in the heart of Downtown Detroit.



If you’re ever in need of a one stop shop for accessories and body care head over to Adore Me More, Inc. Olivia Nicole makes it hard for you to pass up on any of her pieces especially her all natural handmade whipped body butters, and sugar scrubs that are made with quality organic oils which are sure to soften and lightly scent the body with it’s scrumptious smell. For more information about Adore Me More, Inc visit the website, www. for your beauty needs.


The runway show was a sure treat. The runway was graced with beautiful models of all shapes and sizes in some of the most beautiful garment. The designers included Dress to Kill, Luv808 swimwear, and Scotta Intimates. Dress to Kill is a e-boutique that’ll make you do exactly what they promise, “dress to kill”. There were so many fun pieces for this show, here’s a few of my favorites.

Dress To Kill Boutique
Dress To Kill Boutique
Dress To Kill Boutique

Luv808 swimwear by designer Robrena Davis, had me in awe with her garments that are well suited for all body types. What I loved most about her line is that she didn’t focus on the typical model-esque body type, but she made sure she showed loved for the full figured girls as well. Her line definitely displayed sexy in all forms, great job Robrena!

Luv808, swimwear
Luv808, swimwear
Luv808 designer, Robrena Davis

Last but not least for the fashion designer segment,  this last designer had everyone up and out of their chair for a better picture of the what was about to grace the runway. Scotta Intimates showcased the sexiest in lingerie which would give Victoria’s Secret a run for its money. These ladies showed us confidence is key with their barely there and conservative garments. They also proved to us that dress up isn’t just for the kids because having fun means being that sexy nurse, a seductive officer, and that maids aren’t just for home cleaning (LOL). Check out a few of the sexy garments below, it’ll make you blush!

Scotta Intimates
Scotta Intimates
Scotta Intimates
Scotta Intimates
Scotta Intimates


Scotta Intimates
Scotta Intimates
Shaneia Caldwell, Designer of Scotta Intimates and Event Coordinator for Ultimate Style Expo

The blogger street style competition was something I was looking forward to. The audience got the chance to learn a little bit about the bloggers, Bruna Camargo of Style Mile, Kori Fields of Colour By Numbr, and Leah Vernon of Beauty and the Muse. All three bloggers had different backgrounds, styles, and blogs but what they all shared in common was the their confidence and their love for fashion & style. These ladies strutted their stuff to the most upbeat tempos, just having a really good time. After a short while the judges, Stephanie Penn, Editor-In-Chief-of and Geneva Ripton, a creative consultant, made their decision. Even though it was a tough one, Kori Fields took home the award of the blogger competition. The bloggers wardrobe was provided by Thrift On The Ave. How darling were these girls? I loved every last style!

Leah Vernon
Kori Fields
Bruna Camargo

In a nutshell this was a great show. The host and the CW Detroit Gossip Girl, Lauren Turner, kept the audience entertained and the DJ, Marcel Moore, was outstanding. I look forward to next year’s Ultimate Style Expo, check the website for more information at


Sponsored by: HOUR Detroit





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