Usually when I take a look at the original 2 strap slide on sandals, my mind drifts off the biblical times where 2 strap sandals was the style, or might have been the only style for that matter. But now, 2 strap sandals have taken on a new form of style with the same comfort it has always delivered. You can’t pass up comfort and style, and you definitely can’t pass up a pair of Birkenstocks!

The old Birkenstocks were indeed, quite ugly. But today’s Birkenstock has stepped its game up and introduced us to metallic stylish sandals. Birkenstock sandals start off at $100, but Sam & Libby for Target has Birkenstock inspired sandals for $29.00. There may be a few stores in the U.S. that has them, but here in Michigan is a big fat Zero!! ugh, why didn’t I find these sooner…

Here is the Sam & Libby version, hopefully you’ll luck up and find them…


While getting a dose of celebrity gossip, I stopped by for latest and guess who I saw wearing her metallic slide ins? Comfy Bey was   seen walking around East Hampton with the family. She opted for a “mom on duty” look in her metallic slide ins. Im not sure which I love the silver or gold, (sigh).


What do you think about these sandals? Personally, I love them especially since metallic is in. They’re definitely my on the go sandals while having my family in tow. I got my pair!! LOL



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